Bonsai with plants (T&O)

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Bonsai with plants (for Tank &30 Litre Orb).
The renowned Classic Pet Products range of Polyresin aquarium ornaments is unsurpassed in terms of intricate attention to detail, colour, variety and choice.
Each ornament is hand made and hand painted with non-toxic paints.
From Classic’s range of Tree Life Ornaments this hollow tree trunk ornament with Bonsai Tree is designed to fit over the bubble tube of a 30 Litre Orb, or can sit within a standard tank providing a delightful hiding place for your fish.
Complete with soft “planting” detail which moves in the water column this ornament needs to be submerged to appreciate its full effect, this is an ideal stand alone ornament for an Orb or can easily fit within a wider aquatic scene.
Overall size 132 x 140 x 190 mm