Hamberley Single Metal Cage

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Great cage for small animals or for use as a flight cage. Cage comes empty, ready for you to add your own platforms, ladders and toys. (No perches or bowls supplied)
Pull out tray for easy cleaning. Removable wire floor. Has its own stand on wheels so easy to move around. 
Colours may vary slightly from the picture. Weight – 24kg. 
Bar Spacing 10mm
Cage including stand: 81cm x 54cm x 157cm
Cage without stand: 81cm x 54cm x 95cm
Internal cage dimensions: 89cm x 80cm x 52cm
Colour: Light Grey
1. Can I use the cage without the stand? 
Yes, absolutely. The cages just lift off the stand and can be used on their own.
2. Can I remove the wire floor? Yes, you can, but this will leave a gap. 
It is possible to raise the height of the trays but this does require a bit of DIY modding to do although we are aware of quite a few people who have done this successfully.
3. Do the measurements include the stand? Or is it just the cage? 
The full height of cage including stand is 156cm, without stand the cage is 91 cm high. Depth of cage 54cm (same for stand). Length of cage 81cm (as it sits into stand allow another 4cm – 2cm either side for stand)
4.What is the measurements of the large door opening at the front? 
Height 40cm by width 25cm approx.