Metal Rockford Double Rat Ferret Chinchilla Cage

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The Rockford measures 81x54x183cm and this cage comfortably houses rats, chinchillas, ferrets and other small animals. 
This has two completely separate sections, ideal if you want to split two groups of pets. 
If used for degus, both levels may have to be lined with thick wood planks, sheet metal or tiles to discourage chewing. Item comes empty perches not included. 
Materials: Powder Coated Wrought Iron. 
Weight 33.3kgs. 
Packed in two separate boxes. 
Box 1 – 19.4kgs
Box 2 – 13.9kgs
Bar spacing 10mm
Measurement of each separate section is 76cm if you wish to split. Each cage internally is 27″ approx., and about 30-32″ including frame and tray holder.