Mini Bridge Assortment 3pcs

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Mini Bridge Assortment 3 pack.
The renowned Classic Pet Products range of Polyresin aquarium ornaments is unsurpassed in terms of intricate attention to detail, colour, variety and choice.
Each ornament is hand made and hand painted with non-toxic paints.
Ideal in a Rustic, Ruin or Far Eastern themed aquarium, these Mini dilapidated bridges can really help build the aquatic scene and provide great hiding places for small fish.
Variously, either Cobbled Stone; Dressed Stone or Dilapidated Wood these bridges will suit many aquariums.
Look out for our other Classic ruins and Magic of the Orient Ornaments to suit a whole range of aquariums and orbs to help build the Aquatic Scene and provide an interesting environment for your fish.
Overall average size L 98 x W 36 x H 35 mm.